Gov. Whitmer sinks unnecessary ban on indoor youth swimming instruction following select committee’s hearing

State Rep. Matt Hall, of Marshall, and state Sen. Aric Nesbitt, of Lawton, today issued the following joint statement after Gov. Gretchen Whitmer reversed her position and allowed the resumption of indoor youth swimming instruction with certain capacity requirements. The decision came just hours after the Joint Select Committee on COVID-19 heard testimony on Wednesday, July 29 from people who laid out the important, life-saving skills their business provides Michigan’s children. Hall and Nesbitt, who both chair the panel, said the governor’s change through Executive Order 2020-160 underscores the importance of legislative oversight and providing a platform for Michigan residents to have their voices heard:

“We heard from people who simply want to teach children how to swim and help parents keep their kids safe when they’re in the water. The lessons these local businesses provide help keep kids from drowning and the governor was not allowing that essential, live-saving work to be performed. We heard compelling testimony from individuals who felt they could do this work sensibly with the safety of their customers and instructors at the forefront. It’s good to see the governor re-evaluate her initial measures and implement a smarter approach after our committee provided these people with a platform.

“There are additional people who spoke before our committee on Wednesday who feel they can resume their lives safely and sensibly. They have submitted ways to do so to Gov. Whitmer’s office, but those detailed plans have been ignored for months. It’s important for them to be heard too.

“Most importantly – the public, as well as legislators who serve as their voice, must receive more from the governor on the thinking behind these decisions instead of having to wait months for her to change her mind.”