Nesbitt: Governor’s ‘What’s Next’ is bad news for Michigan families

Nesbitt: Governor’s ‘What’s Next’ is bad news for Michigan families

LANSING, Mich. — Senate Republican Leader Aric Nesbitt, R-Porter Township, issued the following statement Wednesday after Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s “What’s Next Address” ahead of the Legislature’s fall session schedule:

“Emboldened by her presidential ambition and her party’s slim majority in the Legislature, Gov. Whitmer has demonstrated that her bridge-building rhetoric was always insincere and is showing herself as the left-wing, progressive extremist she really is. Unfortunately, it has become painfully obvious that what’s next for the people of Michigan is bad news for their pocketbooks.

“On the heels of the highest inflation experienced in four decades, Gov. Whitmer is still fighting to increase income taxes on hardworking families and impose new tax burdens on small businesses and charitable nonprofits. Instead of supporting proven policies put in place to lower taxes, reduce oppressive regulations, invest in infrastructure, and provide access to reliable and affordable energy, the governor is doubling down on radical policies that will do the opposite, crippling economic growth and super-charging inflation.

“While average Michiganders are sure to be burdened with the costs of higher taxes, more expensive energy and paying more for their groceries, the governor will be doing all she can to continue giving billions of their hard-earned tax dollars in corporate handouts to her favored global corporations and Chinese government-backed companies instead of creating a positive environment in which job creators can thrive and want to invest in our state.

“The economic damage being unleashed during the short time of this governor’s now unchecked and radical reign will take years to recover from. Is there one moderate, independent House or Senate Democrat willing to stop her?”


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