Nesbitt: 2023 has been the ‘Night of the Living Dems,’ extreme partisan policies will haunt Michiganders

Nesbitt: 2023 has been the ‘Night of the Living Dems,’ extreme partisan policies will haunt Michiganders

LANSING, Mich. — Senate Republican Leader Aric Nesbitt, R-Porter Township, on Tuesday used the occasion of the Halloween holiday to lament the extreme partisan bills pushed through the Legislature by the new Democrat majority during the past 10 months:

“Last November, the message from Michigan voters was clear: Work together to move Michigan forward. Unfortunately, the very slim Democrat majorities have taken a tremendous opportunity to truly govern in the sensible middle and squandered it away. I fear the aftermath of their extreme partisan agenda will haunt the people of Michigan for years to come.

“Democrats’ destructive policies have made Michigan the first Right to Work state in 65 years to repeal the law that protected the rights of workers. They reinstituted inflated wages on government constructions, making new schools and road projects more expensive to build, all to benefit their big union boss backers.

“It’s ghastly to remember the way they fought against an automatic income tax rollback to help all Michiganders in their efforts to put more taxpayer money in the hands of multinational corporations closely aligned with the Chinese Communist Party. They even mutilated the state’s historic $9 billion surplus in one bloated budget cycle and went on to propose $1.5 billion in new taxes on small businesses, nonprofits, and Michigan workers, collected and managed by a UIA-style bureaucracy ripe for fraud and abuse.

“As Lansing Democrats look to adjourn the Legislature historically early and scurry out of town, it is truly frightening to think of what has transpired inside the Capitol the past 10 months. Nothing is more chilling than the devastating effects the majority’s radical, partisan decisions will have on Michigan families, farmers, seniors, and small businesses in the coming months and years. I fear the ghost of the Granholm administration has returned to Michigan with another lost decade. What could be more haunting?”

Everyone loves a good scare on Halloween, but Lansing Democrats have brought frightfully bad policies back from the dead to haunt Michiganders. Learn more about the bad policies they have pushed through the Legislature in 2023 at the “Night of the Living Dems” website.


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