Nesbitt champions GOP plan to ‘Grow MI State’

Nesbitt champions GOP plan to ‘Grow MI State’

LANSING, Mich. — Senate Republican Leader Aric Nesbitt on Wednesday backed a package of bills introduced by Senate Republicans to roll back red tape, restore worker freedoms, and boost economic growth in Michigan, while continuing to fight tax increases on families and small businesses.

“Senate Republicans will not sit on our hands while Democrats continue to suffocate Michigan’s economic future by kowtowing to union bosses, doling out millions of taxpayer dollars to their favorite global corporations, and stifling small business growth with overburdensome red tape and bureaucratic regulations,” said Nesbitt, R-Porter Township. “We have a plan to change course to a better path and will continue fighting for the future prosperity of all Michiganders.”

The Senate Republicans’ “Grow MI State” economic development plan seeks to:

  • Make it easier to do business in the Mitten. Confusing, contradictory, and expensive state and local government rules and regulations discourage job providers from choosing Michigan. “Grow MI State” would ensure state regulations do not become stricter than those imposed by the federal government by requiring annual agency reviews and forcing bureaucrats to receive approval from the Legislature before imposing costly regulations.
  • End corporate slush funds and reinvest in Michiganders. MEGA, SOAR, Make it in Michigan no matter what name they’re given, it’s clear paying off profitable corporations with tax dollars doesn’t work. “Grow MI State” will end cash payments to companies once and for all, investing the funds stockpiled in this treasure chest in desperately needed bridge repairs. Michigan would also take the lead on creating a multi-state compact to “disarm” these corporate welfare slush funds that pit one state against another.
  • Help people plant their roots in Michigan. Michigan needs more doctors, nurses, and teachers, but government puts up all kinds of roadblocks to relocating to our state. “Grow MI State” would cut back red tape that discourages people from making Michigan home and allow licensed professionals to easily transfer their licenses from other states. The plan would also invest in more apprenticeship scholarships to expand the state’s blue-collar workforce.
  • Restore worker freedom. By repealing Michigan’s Right to Work law, Democrats have forced workers to join unions, violating personal rights and discouraging businesses from locating in our state. “Grow MI State” restores workers’ rights to decide whether they want to join a union and lets job providers know Michigan is open for business again.


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