Nesbitt: Right to Work repeal, prevailing wage will hurt Michigan workers

Nesbitt: Right to Work repeal, prevailing wage will hurt Michigan workers

LANSING, Mich. — Senate Republican Leader Aric Nesbitt, R-Porter Township, issued the following statement Tuesday after partisan legislation to repeal Right to Work and restore prevailing wage laws were passed in the Senate:

“It has become painfully clear the narrow Democratic majority in the Legislature care little about improving the lives of Michigan workers and taxpayers and more about padding the pockets of their most powerful benefactors.

“Repealing Right to Work denies Michigan workers the right to choose whether they wish to be a member of a union and compels them to pay their dues or lose their jobs. In addition to being a disgraceful denial of individual freedom and self-determination, this action will effectively put a ‘closed for business’ sign on the state by drying up economic development opportunities, driving out businesses, weakening our communities, and endangering the stability of Michigan families.

“Putting prevailing wage back into Michigan law will further harm Michigan taxpayers by effectively outlawing fair and open competition in favor of special carve-outs for unions. There is nothing ‘prevailing’ about inflating costs for local, school, and state construction by stifling competitive bidding. Heavy handed government favoritism spends tax dollars irresponsibly and has no place in the marketplace.

“Repealing Right to Work and forcing inflated, government-mandated wage laws will hurt Michigan blue-collar workers and taxpayers. I wish my colleagues across the aisle would have placed the interests of families and taxpayers above a power grab by leftist union bosses.”


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