Nesbitt: Extreme abortion repeals endanger women

Nesbitt: Extreme abortion repeals endanger women

LANSING, Mich. — Senate Republican Leader Aric Nesbitt, R-Porter Township, on Thursday issued the following statement after Senate Democrats passed a series of bills to repeal commonsense safeguards to protect the health of women who choose abortion and further radicalize the industry in the aftermath of Proposal 3:

“Radical Democrats are putting the health and safety of women across this state in serious danger. There is no other medical industry in this state that is exempt from licensing and inspection or the reporting of vital statistics, including procedures resulting in the injury or death of a patient. There is no other elective major medical procedure in which informed consent and appropriate waiting periods are not a basic standard for care. If abortion advocates maintain that abortion is a form of health care, these measures are unfathomable. All patients should have the right to basic safety standards ensured by proper oversight and transparency.

Polling data — including voters who approved Proposal 3 — continues to show strong support for commonsense laws to protect women’s health and regulate the abortion industry as any other medical field. Democrats, however, continue to push forward with the extreme agenda of radical abortion activists. Senate Republicans don’t believe radical on-demand abortion access at any time, any place for any reason is what Michigan voters signed up for, and we will do all we can to fight against extreme abortion activists who are endangering women’s lives.”



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