Nesbitt resolution urges Tlaib to resign from Congress

Nesbitt resolution urges Tlaib to resign from Congress

LANSING, Mich. — Senate Republican Leader Aric Nesbitt on Wednesday introduced a resolution calling on U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib to resign from Congress.

“Congresswoman Tlaib has gone well beyond her initial refusal to condemn the Oct. 7 terrorist acts on Israel into openly echoing Hamas catchphrases calling for the eradication of the Jewish state; this is unconscionable for a sitting member of the U.S. House of Representatives,” said Nesbitt, R-Porter Township. “She is not fit to serve within the dignified office she holds, and Michigan’s leaders should unite their voices in calling for her resignation. This is not a partisan issue, but an issue of common moral decency.”

Senate Resolution 82 criticizes Tlaib for refusing to condemn the Oct. 7 Hamas terrorist attacks, irresponsibly sharing Hamas propaganda despite facts assessed by U.S. intelligence, public repetition of the “Hamas rallying cry ‘From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free’ which calls for the eradication of the Israeli state and Jewish people,” and persistent rhetoric of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic statements. It says, her “hurtful comments and behavior have been widely condemned by people of all faiths and elected officials from both parties, and have caused great pain for untold numbers of Michiganders.”

Nesbitt is calling on the Democrat majority to bring this resolution up for a vote before they leave town early for Christmas vacation.


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